Sarah Walters | User Experience Designer


Nice to meet you!


About Sarah

Since childhood, I’ve been driven by curiosity and a need to create and design. Growing up in the 90s, I had the perfect opportunity to teach myself HTML and basic web design before I reached high school in the early 00s, thinking about the user along the way.

I’m armed with a multi-disciplinary background in tech and design, and believe myself to be a T-shaped designer that can provide insight across disciplines. With the unfortunate experience of working in a couple of not-so-stellar work environments, I’ve had vital learning experiences that boost my endurance through tough times and have improved my conflict resolution skills. I can bring those lessons learned with me, and can appreciate and recognize a healthy work environment.

Personality-wise, I lean toward introversion and naturally practice active listening and empathy in my daily life, which are soft skills essential for teamwork. I’m flexible with change and recognize that projects can be canceled on short-notice or deadlines can get pushed forward. I can be meticulous and hyper-focused on a task without becoming a perfectionist, and always try to accept feedback gracefully.